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This post is about NaNuSewMo

NaNuSewMo - that stands for National Nuigurumi (stuffed toy) Sewing Month.

Basically, instead of writing a novel for NaNoWriMo this year, I'm going to try to make thirty plushies over the course of the month of November as my challenge this year. I've taken on a bunch of commissions this time and I have a few ideas of my own.

Will I succeed? What will I make? I'll be posting a master list here, and I'll try not to spam my f-list with the plushies day-to-day, but I make no promises.

Plushie List:

Clicking on each picture takes you to DeviantArt (if I've uploaded it yet) or just to a bigger picture.

10/31: (Pre-Nanu & Halloween shenanigans day): Phantomon from Digimon!

11/1: Delcatty (6") 

11/2: Hitomoshi (3"):

11/3: Dodrio (6"):

11/4: Shiny Eevee

11/5: Maggyo (6"):

11/6: Hoppip (3"): In progress!

11/7: Buneary (3")

11/8: Spheal (6")

11/9: Hitomoshi (3") (will post picture tomorrow)

11/10: Dasutodasu (3") (in progress)

11/11: Chikorita (3") for a friend (crappy webcam picture is crappy)

Tags: nanowrimo, pokemon, reference
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