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Here's a nice summary of my weekend, in picture form:


So AWA this year was...interesting to say the least. First time doing an Artist's Alley (I don't think NashiCon's really counts since I just sort of dump some stuff on a table and run around being all STAFFU~ instead of actually sitting at the table), so that was an experience. I really think the strict rules against fanart and the like hurt our chances of success, but whatever. Still sold some stuff, got some commissions so...I can't complain, right?

It was an interesting experience not trying to rush around and go to 500 events. Heck, I didn't even make it on time to all four of the things I said from the getgo that I wanted to go to at this con. I was also pretty exhausted for a lot of the con...nonstop work right before going to a convention will do that to you...

Anyway, without further ado, the con report!

Years I've Been to AWA: 3
Costumes Worn: 5
Pictures Taken: 95
Swag: Pokémon White, a bunch of Pokémon kids, Slayers Super Explosive Demon Story manga (one signed by Lisa Ortiz!), handmade Mijumaru plushie (is it still swag if I made it? xD)
Steps in Pokéwalker: 33,833 (not much walking to be done in Artist's Alley, unfortunately)
Favorite Costume: Gijinka Flygon again (what, it's such a fun costume to wear!)
Favorite Cosplayers: the trio of vin_faucon , al_icat  and cardcaptorkiki  as Izzy, Sora and Tai on Sunday.
Favorite Event/Panel/Etc: AMV Hell 5!
Con Plague?: Yes, unfortunately. =_=
Favorite Moment of the Con: *puts on Filia costume* *gets swarmed for pictures* D: "Wait, I still need to put half of the costume on!"
Kamen Riders spotted: only two but...damn were they cool!

We left asap after my shift at the fabric store and go on the road! And immediately hit TRAFFIC FROM HELL. We were literally stopped on some country backwoods road parked right in front of some person's house for like twenty minutes. I played Pokémon. I have a Scizor named Terui now, and he is officially ~badass~. The trip down was otherwise meh. We got to the convention center around 7ish I think? and checked in and etc, then went out to Zip's aunt's house for the night.

After we got everything hauled to wherever it was supposed to go and got all checked in, I mostly kept myself busy trying to create some sort of not-crappy-looking display for our table in the AA. Originally we were going to use these massive wooden display boards. That failed before we even tried it, they were WAY too unstable. Instead we improvised with boxes and fabric and all sorts of other crap. My efforts were for naught, though, since nothing sold at all on Friday.

I was in Akiko for most of Friday. Zip and I got some crack shots at some point. Twas fun. I also made some people do a double take (no pun intended...) in the Dealer's Room when they noticed the slipper I was holding while nonchalantly asking about Kamen Rider W goods. xD

Eventually, Zip left to get food and wander the con, so I decided to do something productive and make myself a prop for my White costume for the Pokémon photoshoot on Saturday, and started making a little Mijumaru feltie. He turned out really cute, and I literally finished him with my spare time on Friday. =D

At some point or another I left the table (to get lunch I think?) and ran into a friend from Columbia who had literally just walked out of the Dealer's Room with a completely legit imported copy of Pokémon Black. As in the new one. As in the one whose release date was Saturday. Needless to say, I was excited. I found the booth that was selling it asap and well, I won't say how much my copy of Pokémon White was, but I think it was worth it. Normally dropping that kind of money on a video game would give me buyer's remorse but...I really like it! I'm super impressed by it so far. And it's not just that it's a game that I'm excited to play or anything, it actually is a good game, and since nobody knows everything there is to know about the game, what with it not even having been out for even a week yet, I don't know what's going to happen. I don't even know the names of most of the Pokémon - and that's really exciting! It's like starting over fresh, but not quite because it's something I'm quite familiar with because it is Pokémon.

Anyway, tl;dr, I got a shiny new game, and proceeded to play the heck out of it all weekend.
We packed up the table around 6ish so I could go to the screening of AMV Hell 5 and...omg, it was so worth it! Watching an AMV Hell with a large group of people is always fun, but watching a brand new one was one hell of an experience ( pun intended). I can't wait to download it and watch it again, but all I can say is that I was really impressed by the variety of anime that were in it this time around! A lot of the same old same old (Death Note and Azumanga Daioh out the wazoo once again), but a lot of obscure stuff, older stuff, and just awesome stuff. I mean, there was a Risky Safety clip in it! Who even knows what that is?

Went back to the AA for a while while everybody else was at the ball. By the time the AA closed I was pretty exhausted, so instead of changing into Shinra for the Durarara photoshoot I just went up to the hotel room and passed out. 'sokay, there was a (much much better) Shinra at the photoshoot anyway...

I started the day off as Flygon, and I honestly still love wearing that costume! A lot! I got a lot of picture requests, and while I had Trapinch on the table everybody wanted to cuddle him. xD Yugi was wearing her Astrid (from How To Train Your Dragon), so we got a couple of "Lol How To Train Your Dragon-type" shots for the giggles. Not too much happened, and then I changed into White for the Pokémon photoshoot at noon. The shoot was big! And lots of fun! There was even another White there, along with a Black and an N (who I told about the photoshoot when I saw them earlier in the AA). We borrowed (with permission!) Pikabellechu's cutout of Chiirami for a picture. =D Lots of impressive costumes, and as usual the shoot was almost completely dominated by Rocket Grunts and Gijinkas...

After the shoot I sat in the AA again for a while and...played White. As White. The irony made me giggle every single time someone pointed it out. xD At some point I went to the Dealer's Room with a friend who was cosplaying Shizuo (from Durarara) so we could get epic vending machine shots, and I got distracted by one of the tables in the alley that was selling Pokémon kids and the like. I spent more than I should have, but omfg, so worth it. ♥ I got my hands on some pretty rare ones!

Changed into Ling before dinner and went around being awesome with my Ranfan. We gathered a big group of Columbia peeps together and went to go eat at the mall (that was the only time I ever left the convention center the entire weekend. XD). Along the way I ran into some con buddies, once of which was dressed as Greed!Ling! Awesomeness was achieved. Then we went to eat. I had fun freaking out people with my lack of chest but obviously girly voice. >D We got the obligatory "Ling and Ranfan are bottomless pits lol" shots. We wandered back to the con center and just sort of wandered the AA for a bit before heading off to Yaoi After Dark.

I believe I beat the first gym in White while I was (im)patiently waiting for the section of YAD where half the room gets smacked with a yaoi paddle to be over and the actual panel to start. I definitely remember catching one of the electric zebras and level grinding for a while...

YAD was...well, it was Yaoi After Dark. It was worth screaming myself hoarse in a freezing cold room, for sure. It was entertaining, for sure. We got a yaoi coloring book out of it!

I woke up with very little voice. Ugh, not good. Sluggishly dragged things to cars and down to the AA, and then I managed to get into Filia in one of the bathrooms. As usual the costume is annoying as crap to put on and I always feel like it's complete shit for the first twenty minutes or so (even though I got people wanting pictures before I was even done putting the costume on!). Zip and I went to the Slayers panel dressed as Filia and Amelia, and we ran into a really great Lina cosplayer there as well. The Slayers panel was actually quite interesting! Lisa Ortiz (Lina's voice actress) is really amusing in person. A lot of the questions that got asked made me cringe, a lot of answers were interesting as they weren't what I was expecting. And well, for a panel that consisted entirely of Lisa Ortiz reading Shakespeare in Lina's voice and then Q&A with her and Xelloss' new voice actor (who replaced David Moo), it was a very successful panel! And the live in-person Dragon Slave at the end literally gave me chills.

I wasn't even planning on trying to get her autograph, since normally lines annoy the heck out of me, but Zip decided to get her autograph, so I figured "why not?". Once in a lifetime chance, and all that. But I didn't have anything for her to sign, so I made a very quick combthrough of the dealer's room looking for one of the light novels - which is not what I found.  Instead I found some copies of the original Super Explosive Demon Story manga. The ones that were a chapter per serialization. The ones from 1996. Quite rare. I had to glare down a Yajirobe cosplayer and threaten to beat his ass up to buy them (well, not really. I just repeatedly went "no!" when he demanded that I give them to him. What a jerk!). Anyway, I got one of them signed by Lisa Ortiz. Once again, not really something that a lot of people will understand, but damn that is cool. xD

Also, Zip and I may or may not have gotten our picture with her. XD

tl;dr - that was awesome. xD

Spent the rest of AWA in the Artist's Alley. A few of my felties sold on Saturday, a few more sold on Sunday. I got two commissions at the con and two people were interested in commissions after the con. Success? Sort of. *shrug*

Other than that, a bunch of people came by the table...some I didn't even realize were even at the con...that's the one thing I dislike about AA, you miss a lot of the con/cosplayers due to being stuck at the table! DX
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