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All I can say about episode 48 of Double, is that if you didn't at least tear up during that scene, you have NO HEART.


I'm saving all of my thoughts on the series until after the last second of the final episode. Until then, all I can say is that this episode was just... sad.

And, for once, I have absolutely no desire to write anything.

Otakon con report

Only a week late. xDDD

Cut for your sanity and mineCollapse )

Years I've Been to Otakon: 2!
Costumes Worn: 4! (Took 5, didn't wear Ling)
Pictures Taken: 105
Swag: Digimon keychains and print, Pokemon prints and bookmarks, free Hetalia swag from Funi, Sabrina button, bookmark and Marsh Badge (all from Artist's Alley, Dealer's Room sucked this year)
Steps in Pokéwalker: 56,000 (like I said, 28,000 of that was Friday alone!)
Favorite Costume: Gijinka Flygon
Favorite skits: Pokemon/Telephone and Kefka and the pigeons tied for favorite
Favorite moment of the con: "Forever Love"
Kamen Riders spotted: ten!

Animazement con report

Better post this before I forget everything! :D

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Years I've been to Animazement: 6!
Costumes worn: 5
Pictures taken: 180!
Swag: Surskit and Chimecho figurines, Digimon stickers, Ice Pokémon snow globe, Troll-chan Kaitou Daiki keychain
Steps on PokéWalker: about 55,000
Kills in Cosplay Chess: 0... :( Wait! We killed a summon, does that count? 
Years in Cosplay Chess: 4...wow. oO
Times Mistaken as a Boy (as Ling): 3
Fangirl/boy reactions to my costumes: a lot!
Favorite costume of the con: Female trainer from Black/White

I don't want to say that this was the most fun I've had at a con, but it was honestly up there. :D

...oh, and vin_faucon , do you think you could do me a favor and send me any pictures you have of Tentomon? I forgot to take some when I finished him...and of course if he needs any repairs, bring him to me. I'll take care of him! :D

Episode 38...

I just want to give Philip a big hug. D:

Fandom flail post

DISCLAIMER: fangirl babbling, spoilers, men without shirts. Ye hath been warned!

YamaNade/Wallflower endingCollapse )

KR Double 24-27Collapse )
The only other thing to comment about his Death Game Park, the new series starting in April. Tori Matsuzaka (Tono-sama - Shinkenger), Inoue Masahiro (Tsukasa - Decade), Kato Keisuke (Nago - Kiva) and Ishiguro Hideo (Kai - Den-O) are in it, so that's reason enough to watch it, but from the teaser trailer it looks really cool. And if THOSE weren't good enough reasons to watch it, then this certainly is:
Cut for a couple of big(ish) pictures of pretty men that may or may not be completely clothedCollapse )


Back from Momocon. My room is a complete and utter mess and I've got a lot of stuff to catch up on. Also NashiCon is rapidly approaching and I've got two commissions, a bunch of stuff to make for Artist's Alley, the entire OTAKU game to put together and also the website to update and the maid cafe stuff to help plan.

Needless to say, I'm gonna be busy. xP So my Momocon con-report will be short and sweet.

This just about sums up my weekend:

I'm not sure how, but it does. XD
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Here are some of my favorite pictures/cosplayers/moments from Momocon:Collapse )

I didn't really take a ton of pictures at this con, but the rest (including video from the costume contest, though only of people I know) can be found on mah photobucket here: http://s239.photobucket.com/albums/ff239/artikgato/MomoCon%202010/

Entries that are sure to follow: spazflail about the end of the YamaNade j-drama, recent episodes of Double, flailing and lists about NashiCon, etc.




Hokay, so Momocon is TOMORROW. DX So much to do! But it's a testament to my sewing skills that I honestly believe I can get it all done today, even though I have to work for most of the day!

Here's what's left to do on Miyako:
  • hit the helmet with a few more coats of spraypaint
  • comb out the wig
  • make the vest (including a zipper pull for the vest)
  • make the backpack
  • make the boot covers (stitch together the outer parts, put in the batting, hand-stitch on the white parts)
I made the gloves last night. With the AWESOMESAUCE machine that one of my AWESOME coworkers lent me, because my actual machine is a temperamental piece of crap. It only works when IT wants to, which is never when I NEED it to. The new machine does it's job, and without (much) complaint, so therefore YAY.

The helmet is easy enough, but I have to figure out how to give it the raised parts near the ears, the lines that go across the top, and not make the front look like crap. Paper machee?

The vest is simple, I have the whole three pieces of it cut out already, I just have to sew them together, put in the zipper, and fiddle with the seams until it fits me. Oh, and put in pockets. Delicious pockets. :3

The backpack I just literally traced out a pattern for yesterday and have everything cut out for. The interfacing I'm using isn't as stiff as I'd like, but it'll work. This backpack is going to be AWESOME, by the way. I just need to buy a zipper for it, good thing I work today! :3

The boot covers will be, like Filia's, a last-minute experiment on what exactly I can do with flannel, batting, and my former Liz boots. xD

Oh, and I don't have ridiculous glasses. *sad* I'll try to find some for NashiCon, since I'm definitely gonna rewear this costume to that! I've got all the stuff to make her real-world outfit with the bandana of awesome, so I'll probably be in that for most of the con (the maid café definitely, if I have time I'll even make an apron with the crests of Love and Sincerity on it </dork>)

I also have to dye and straighten my hair, fix parts of Ling (mostly the jacket), fix parts of the Roberta costume (like the apron), find the red umbrella (or buy one?), and find the extension I used for my Tsubaki costume and sacrifice it to make my braids epicly long. Or just go buy a $2 extension pack from the Sally Beauty two stores over from work, whichever works. (oh god unintentional pun *shot*)

I'm really talky when I've had coffee! WHEE COFFEE!

After MomoCon is over I have two commissions to crank out - a generic Bleach uniform for daftdragon  and a to-scale Tentomon plushie for vin_faucon . I'll also try to crank out my real-world Miyako and a Poromon plush if I can swing it. Then I'm going to go into full-gear NashiCon mode! Preparing for the maid cafe, making all the stuff for OTAKU, and cranking out as many small plushies as I possibly can. That means I'm gonna start carrying a sewing case and an assortment of colors of fleece with me at all times. Driving to work? I'll be sewing. Waiting on food in a restaurant? I'll be sewing. TBR? I'll be sewing. Walking down the street?

...well, maybe not THEN. xDD

Less than a month until NashiCon, guys! *oh god wait less than a month until NashiCon OH SHI-*

RIP Ipod T_T

So my Ipod shuffle finally bit the dust today after over four years. I don't know what the normal "life span" of an Ipod is, but considering that's longer than some of my COMPUTERS have lasted...

Well, recently it had been acting weird, like only letting me add one song at a time before having to disconnect and re-connect it, only charging half of the time, and within the last couple of days, only playing music out of one speaker most of the time.

I think what ultimately killed it was the fact that I accidentally washed it with a load of my laundry. xDD

So I've been looking into what's out there for other Ipods/MP3 players/etc. Of course I can't afford the shiny spiffy kind of Ipods my roommates have. I liked the Shuffle, my one complaint was that I had to physically listen and skip through the songs to find one if I wanted a specific one, but that was my only complaint. It was small, simple, and while it didn't have the space for 40 billion songs, I only ever want to listen to at most 30 at a time anyway (usually it's closer to 10-15), so the small amount of song storage space was a-okay.

Ipods and generic MP3 players are alright, but if I'm going to buy something (my old Ipod was free, I won it from a promotion literally a week into the semester my first year at USC) I'm going to want to buy something that has more than just a "music player" function. Ideally I'd like to get something like a PSP or a DS. I'm leaning more towards a DS just simply because there are a TON of DS games I want to play and my laptop can't handle ROMs of them. I glanced through the list of DS games today and found at least 20 I'd want to play.

The problem is, the DS doesn't have a (legal) music player option. Fortunately it does with homebrew/hacking. I just need to figure out if I'd be willing (and, well, able) to pay $70-80 for a (used) DS, $20-30 for the homebrew mod and around $10 for a microSD card.

Funnily enough, that's about the price of a good amount of Ipods according to the Bestbuy website. xD Well, the good ones, anyway.

If I have the money, I think I'll go for it. I want a DS anyway, and if it can function as an Ipod on top of being able to play games on it that I've been itching to play for a while now - why not?



OKAY. So. I just had an interesting few days! And there's about a week and a half before Momocon, so it's time to make another spazflail post!

BUT FIRST. I got my tax refund! GUESS WHO IS NO LONGER IN DEBT? ME! *throws a party*

Tomorrow I'm withdrawing every. single. penny. and closing my account with Bank of Crap and opening up a new one elsewhere. I'll also be paying bills (fun! DX) and possibly getting a new phone - I'll pay my final bill, at any rate, and ask when my service will officially be cut off, and try to get a new phone around that time. And make sure to use and abuse the phone while I can.

I just hope my new phone has a place to attach cell phone charms. It's going to be so weird if I doesn't! :|

Geesh, though, it's a good thing I'm only bringing one new costume to Momocon. And that's Miyako/Yolei - another costume that I don't (really) have anyone else to wear it with (barring your Izzy, of course, vin_faucon , but we'll be from different seasons so it won't be *quite* right), I'm just making the costume for myself, basically. Between that and making the Tentomon plushie for aforementioned Izzy cosplayer, I'm going to be pretty busy during my off-time. Which I won't have much of, because work decided to give me SCHEDULE OVERLOOOAD.

...which is good, I guess. More money for me, mwuahahaha >D

I work every day this week, and I'm only off two days of next week, and I have so much stuff to do! Aaaah!

Tomorrow I'm running around madly trying to get bills and bank accounts and phone companies straightened out, then I'm at work. Friday I work and then I'm heading back home for a few hours to see mah folks and rummage through their stuff to find decorations for NashiCon's maid cafe. And I'm DEAD SERIOUS when I say this, too. xD Saturday (for some reason) there's a big St. Patrick's Day celebration (so that it's during spring break and all the college kids can get smashed off their asses and NOT have to worry about classes the next day, I guess) that we're going to. Sunday I work again. Then I'm going to DIE. x_x

Also for the past couple of days, I've been helping out in a costume shop for a local ballet company. I met the shop manager a couple of weeks ago because she was buying YAAAAARDS of tulle for tutus, and I happened to ask, as more of a passing question, if they were hiring at their costume shop. Monday I got a call from work saying that this lady had called and asked for me. As it turns out, she was ridiculously overloaded with work and just simply could not get it all done in time. She was building costumes literally at the very last minute for a production of The Little Mermaid. On top of the 'normal' costumes they were having to build from scratch six mermaid tails. Each tail is about 14 hours of work from start to finish. Needless to say, they NEEDED to outsource some of the work, so that's where I came in. And that's also where most of my free time for the last two days went to.

In fandom related news, I (finally!) got around to watching the JDrama of The Wallflower, and let's just say I've had Kat-tun's "Love Yourself" stuck in my head on auto-repeat for the last week and a half. xD I have to say I heard the JDrama was good, but I was never, EVER expecting to like the Drama more than the Manga! The plot is a bit different and there are a lot of different things, but the same overall feel is there. You can TELL it's still The Wallflower. I really like what they've done for the drama, though - the casting choice was absolutely spot on, the story is really compelling, and I don't feel like I'm JUST watching a live-action version of the manga. Normally that would be a big minus for me, but somehow it really works well that they're not just doing a live-action version of the manga for this one.

tl;dr: I really like it! Now CAN IT BE TIME TO WATCH EPISODE 9 ALREADY?! DDDDD:

Also also, as I'm cosplaying Ling to every con between now and AWA in September, I'm not cutting my bangs for a while. I (jokingly) said if my bangs get long enough I just won't cut them and I'll cosplay Sunako and go around going "MABUSHIIIII" at everything. :D
Argh, it's already March! Crap, I have so much to do! Oh well, I guess it's a good thing that I've got the next three days off. We'll just see how much actually gets done, though! xD

Also, I'm gonna preface this with: I don't actually like karaoke that much! It's just that we live literally about ten minutes down the road from the best karaoke bar EVER and thus I get dragged there a lot for various reasons, including "it's soandso's birthday!", "We just wanted to", or my personal favorite, "The waiter is cute and I want to ogle him again".

But anyway, we went to the karaoke bar again on Saturday night, and found out that they'd randomly updated the Japanese section. Thus the karaoke bar went from being the best karaoke bar ever to THE BEST PLACE IN COLUMBIA - they now have Double Boiled Extreme (as in the opening for Kamen Rider W) and a certain sentai opening that starts with CHAN CHAN BARA~

I felt sooooo dorky, but shouting "APPARE~!" with a bunch of my friends was awesome. So was the fact that I didn't look at the screen the ENTIRE time I was singing Climax Jump and got every. single. syllable. And was also the only one who could follow WBX the entire way through. I'm now firmly convinced that if they get Break the Chain they will therefore be too awesome and implode in on themselves in an implosion of awesome.


Aside from that, I am now writing a random crack!fic in which the Shinkengers go to a karaoke bar. Ryuu and Kotoha sing an ode to Tono-sama (really badly), Takeru twitches and leaves, a slightly drunk Genta stumbles after him, Chiaki is already passed-out drunk, and Mako is mothering him. And meanwhile, Jii is in the main karaoke room singing rock songs and the crowd is cheering him on. TOTALLY WRITING THAT.

Let's see. Fandom update! Hasn't happened in like...okay, I fandom updated last entry, shut up. I'm going to do it again.
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I'm eventually going to get around to finishing Bloody Monday, and watching Gekiranger and Kabuto. Really, I am.

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