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Pokémon Sales Post

Shop Rules:

Paypal only!
Minimum order $1 before shipping
Feedback is here!
I know some of my pictures are a little blurry, so if you want a better picture of something, let me know!
Not accepting trades at the moment, sorry!
Allpkmncollectors rules apply. Sales permission grandfathered in many many moons ago, when the internet was still
young. (It think lineealba gave me sales permission? IDK, that was like eight years ago.)
DON'T LINK TO PICTURES IN YOUR REPLIES. Livejournal thinks you're spam if you do! It's much easier to tell me the price of the card you're referencing, or if you're trying to differentiate between two or more cards with the same name, go with the HP or an attack on the card instead.


I ship from the south-eastern US. I can ship internationally!
Please leave me a zip code or country when asking for a shipping quote
If your package is lost in the mail, I am sorry, but I will not refund you for the items. (Note that in my entire 8+ years selling in this community, I've only ever had one package go missing!)
For orders over $40 I require insurance to be added to the package. Otherwise, please request it if you want it!
 Cards will be shipped in a regular envelope (unless you request a bubble mailer) inside a card sleeve. Really rare cards (EX, LV X, full arts) will be in a hard plastic toploader.

Not Cards:

150 individual online booster pack cards from XY sets, PLUS the Articuno and Sylveon theme decks! $25. I can type up the codes for you and send them to you through a PM or I can mail them to you (I will charge for shipping).

Team Aqua coin and pin: $5 for both
Fennekin coin: $2
Mega Gengar pin: $8
Lucario coin: $3
Mega Rayquaza pin: $5
Mega Rayquaza coin: $4
Mega Latios pin: $5
Team Magma coin and pin: $5 for both

Kids figures:
$4 each: Groudon, Tornadus, Raikou, Espeon, Rayquaza, Mew, Zekrom, Gyarados, Ho-oh, Blastoise, Charizard, Lugia
$2 each: Articuno, Glaceon, Blaziken, Gardevoir, Lucario, Jirachi, Froakie, Luxray

Skrelp/Dragalge Zukan: $10 (never taken out of the package - you can see how it'll look here)

Pokémon XY 3DS case: $15 OBO
Handmade felt Oshawott: $5 OBO
Sewaddle felt bookmark: $1
Handmade Froakie: $10 OBO
Handmade Abra (has a zipper in the back for storing phones, wallets, etc.): $15 OBO

Everything in this picture: $0.50 each.

Boxes, tokens, and play mat from the Sylveon theme deck: make me an offer

TCG Cards:

Hoopa EX: $8
Gardevoir EX: $10
Tyranitar EX: $5

Sceptile EX: $5
Trainer's Mail secret rare: $10
White Kyurem EX: $5

Manectric EX: $7
Landorus EX: $10
Excadrill EX: $4

Heatran lv X: $5
Blaziken FB lv X: $3
Meganium prime: $3

Raichu: $7
Dowsing Machine: $4
Charizard: $5

Charizard: $5
Stoutland: $2.50
Palkia: $3

Electivire FB: $3
Regigigas: $3
Empoleon: $2.50

Huntail: $5
Jirachi: $2.50
Swampert: $3.50

Camerupt: $3.50
Machamp: $2.50
Tangela: $2.50

Skiddo (XY Promo): $2.50
Virizion: $2.50
Sylveon (holographic): $5

$2 each:

Slurpuff: sold

Landorus: sold!

Magby: sold

$1.50 each:

Rhyperior: sold

$1 each:

Slurpuff: sold

Gogoat: sold

Flygon: sold

$0.75 each:

Bellossom: sold

Bidoof: sold

$0.50 each:

Spritzee: sold

Swirlix: sold

Vibrava: sold

$0.25 each:

Spinda: sold
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