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Animazement 2011 Con Report

So funny story. I actually had my Animazement con report typed up and ready to post the day after the convention. My computer died and I stupidly didn't save it, and I haven't felt like re-typing it, so now here it is, two weeks out from the convention and no con report yet. xD So instead of a big, long, wordy con report here's an incredibly lazy bullet-style report:

Animazement 2011
Costumes worn: 3
Pictures taken: 60. Most of them were either Pokemon, my friends being crazy, or both. xD
Masquerade Awards won: 1
Times My Plush Tempura were squee'd over: too many to count

The Good:
-Artist's alley was pretty successful, considering we were only really open on Friday and Sunday
-Our skit (which we barely prepared for) got a judge's choice/honorable mention award!
-I actually got recognized wearing HGSS Sabrina
-Sooooo many picture requests when I wore Yuzuruha
-Scored random free VHS Slayers tapes
-Good finds in the Dealer's Room

The Bad:
-It seems like recently, every other Animazement there is some annoying, ugly con drama. :/
-We didn't have the AA table open on Saturday except for a while in the morning
-The masquerade felt...weird. It was well-run, but the awards felt "off" somehow...
-Most of the skits were terrible, and we could barely hear the ones that were actually good.
-Didn't feel like I was prepared enough for AA
-Lost my Pokewalker. D:

Overall the "goods" outweighed the "bads". I did enjoy the convention, and getting to do a skit again, regardless of the result, was really fun. :D

Here's our skit, which we spent all of one day on. Seriously. I came up with the skit idea on Thursday at work. We fine-tined it, got the script worked out, recorded the audio, shaved it down to under 2 minutes, mixed the audio and figured out blocking all in one night. And we got a judge's award for it. :D It's Pokemon (Black and White) in Wonderland, BTW.

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