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Pokémon Sales Post

Shop Rules:

Paypal only!
Minimum order $1 before shipping
Feedback is here!
I know some of my pictures are a little blurry, so if you want a better picture of something, let me know!
Not accepting trades at the moment, sorry!
Allpkmncollectors rules apply. Sales permission grandfathered in many many moons ago, when the internet was still
young. (It think lineealba gave me sales permission? IDK, that was like eight years ago.)
DON'T LINK TO PICTURES IN YOUR REPLIES. Livejournal thinks you're spam if you do! It's much easier to tell me the price of the card you're referencing, or if you're trying to differentiate between two or more cards with the same name, go with the HP or an attack on the card instead.


I ship from the south-eastern US. I can ship internationally!
Please leave me a zip code or country when asking for a shipping quote
If your package is lost in the mail, I am sorry, but I will not refund you for the items. (Note that in my entire 8+ years selling in this community, I've only ever had one package go missing!)
For orders over $40 I require insurance to be added to the package. Otherwise, please request it if you want it!
 Cards will be shipped in a regular envelope (unless you request a bubble mailer) inside a card sleeve. Really rare cards (EX, LV X, full arts) will be in a hard plastic toploader.

Not Cards:

150 individual online booster pack cards from XY sets, PLUS the Articuno and Sylveon theme decks! $25. I can type up the codes for you and send them to you through a PM or I can mail them to you (I will charge for shipping).

Team Aqua coin and pin: $5 for both
Fennekin coin: $2
Mega Gengar pin: $8
Lucario coin: $3
Mega Rayquaza pin: $5
Mega Rayquaza coin: $4
Mega Latios pin: $5
Team Magma coin and pin: $5 for both

Kids figures:
$4 each: Groudon, Tornadus, Raikou, Espeon, Rayquaza, Mew, Zekrom, Gyarados, Ho-oh, Blastoise, Charizard, Lugia
$2 each: Articuno, Glaceon, Blaziken, Gardevoir, Lucario, Jirachi, Froakie, Luxray

Skrelp/Dragalge Zukan: $10 (never taken out of the package - you can see how it'll look here)

Pokémon XY 3DS case: $15 OBO
Handmade felt Oshawott: $5 OBO
Sewaddle felt bookmark: $1
Handmade Froakie: $10 OBO
Handmade Abra (has a zipper in the back for storing phones, wallets, etc.): $15 OBO

Everything in this picture: $0.50 each.

Boxes, tokens, and play mat from the Sylveon theme deck: make me an offer

TCG Cards:

Hoopa EX: $8
Gardevoir EX: $10
Tyranitar EX: $5

Sceptile EX: $5
Trainer's Mail secret rare: $10
White Kyurem EX: $5

Manectric EX: $7
Landorus EX: $10
Excadrill EX: $4

Heatran lv X: $5
Blaziken FB lv X: $3
Meganium prime: $3

Raichu: $7
Dowsing Machine: $4
Charizard: $5

Charizard: $5
Stoutland: $2.50
Palkia: $3

Electivire FB: $3
Regigigas: $3
Empoleon: $2.50

Huntail: $5
Jirachi: $2.50
Swampert: $3.50

Camerupt: $3.50
Machamp: $2.50
Tangela: $2.50

Skiddo (XY Promo): $2.50
Virizion: $2.50
Sylveon (holographic): $5

$2 each:

Slurpuff: sold

Landorus: sold!

Magby: sold

$1.50 each:

Rhyperior: sold

$1 each:

Slurpuff: sold

Gogoat: sold

Flygon: sold

$0.75 each:

Bellossom: sold

Bidoof: sold

$0.50 each:

Spritzee: sold

Swirlix: sold

Vibrava: sold

$0.25 each:

Spinda: sold

Wants List

Welcome to my wants list! This is a list partially for my own reference when I'm in dealer's rooms at anime conventions, and partially for the reference of anyone that's wanting to trade with me!

A few things:

Cards don't have to be first edition, or 100% mint, even if the pictures of them are
I'll trade for almost anything in my sales post.
If you have something that isn't here, feel free to suggest it to me anyway! Especially if it's for a character I love!

Base Set - Fossil cards I need

Erika, Sabrina, and other human characters
Misc Others (Surskit/Masquerain, Sewaddle-line, Venipede-line, Volcarona/Larvesta, Joltik, Vivillon-line)
Random other Pokémon cards/merch I'm after

Classic cards I need:
I have a mostly complete collection of cards from the first three sets, Base Set - Fossil, and I'm only missing a few cards:

Base Set Electrode
Imposter Professor Oak
Item Finder
Pokemon Breeder
Scoop Up
Super Energy Removal
Energy Retrieval
Full Heal
Pokemon Flute
Super Potion
Energy Removal
Psychic Energy
Energy Search (Fossil)

Articuno is my #1 favorite Pokémon! I have a lot of merch already, but if you have something (other than cards) that isn't pictured, I'll happily take a look! My holy grails are the Pokémon Snap card, Plasma Storm full art, the 2002 Pokémon Center mug, the Bell Plush, and the windchime.


Pokémon Snap best photo promo card, Black Star Promo #48, Nintendo Promo #32, Plasma Storm full art, Majestic Dawn, Japanese phone card, Skyridge, Japanese T-Promo #14, Legendary Collecton booster sleeve (just the sleeve is fine, it doesn't need to be unopened)

Other Flats:

Amada Stickers, Ice Types clearfile, Trozei sticker sheet (just the Articuno sticker would be fine), Trozei sticker, Sapporo Ichiban sticker, Zukan promo sticker card (again, just Articuno would be fine), Cardass sticker

Other stuff:

Mascot plush, Zukan, Pokémon Center 151 Can Badge, Mini skateboard, Battrio puck, PokéRom (in package please), Burger King Power Card, Tretta reverse, Gashapon figure, Pokémon Center 2002 mug, Bell Keychain, Bell Plush, Burger King plush, Pokémon the Movie 2000 metal badge (pin?), Chou Get, Wind Chime, chopstick rest, Pokedex keychain, Pokémon Conquest figure, Roller Stamper

I love Flygon, but I was never a serious collector before, so chances are if you have some merch of Trapinch or Flygon, I don't have it. I'm especially interested in Trapinch stuff, since the little guy has so little merchandise! And I love Vibrava too, but he's not a top priority.


Flygon from Primal Clash, EX Dragon Vibrava, Dragon Frontiers Vibrava, Forina's Flygon (Japanese movie promo card), Black and White Promo 168 (Japanese only, I think?), Furious Fists, XY Promo 61, Dragon Frontiers, Legend Maker, Power Keepers, Secret Wonders, Nintendo Promo 25, Rising Rivals

Other Stuff:
There are only two Flygon plush in existence that I know of, and I own them both.

Zukan, Charabottlin figure, Chocoball figure, Bandai figure, Flygon TCG coin, Bell charm(?), Pencil Topper, Charm strap, Petit Chara figure, Pokémon Time clearfile, Dragon-type Clearfile, Pokémon time keychain, Shiny Flygon kid, Dex figures (all three!), Pokémon Center charms (all three!), and a figure that I'm not 100% sure about - I think it's a bottlecap figure?

Again, a surprising amount of merchandise exists for Hoppip, though not as much for Skiploom or Jumpluff. Chances are, I don't have it! I'm more focused on Hoppip than the evolutions, though.

Japanese promo card, P-Promo 29, Aquapolis set Hoppip, Skiploom and Jumpluff, Erika's Jumpluff, Grass types Clearfile, Pokémon Center charms (all three), Skiploom Pokémon time keychain, Roller stamper, Zukan, Tomy figure, Minicot

I used to be a lot more serious about collecting this line, but not as much recently. There is SO MUCH Butterfree merchandise out there, it's kind of overwhelming. Feel free to show me your Caterpie/Metapod/Butterfree items even if they aren't pictured! Just don't be offended if I don't want to trade.

Bugsy's Butterfree, EX FireRed/LeafGreen, Japanese vending set Caterpie & Metapod, Legendary Collection holographic, Japanese Jungle booster sleeve, Japanese Cardass Caterpie, Metapod & Butterfree, Burger King Butterfree card, Topps sticker card, Topps cards; Caterpie bellplush, Caterpie friends plush, Zukan

Erika, Sabrina, and other Human Characters:


Erika trainer card (holographic only!), Erika's Clefairy, Erika's Paras, Erika's Venusaur, Erika's Dragonair, Erika's Bulbasaur (Japanese promo), Erika's Dratini (Japanese promo), Erika's Bellossom (Japanese only set), Erika theme deck (just the packaging is fine), Japanese Erika theme deck (again, just the packaging), Groundbreakers figure (does it even exist?)


Sabrina's Abra (black star promo), Sabrina's Jynx & Sabrina's Gengar from Gym Heroes, Sabrina's Golduck & Gengar from Gym Challenge, Sabrina's Xatu and Espeon from the Japanese-only VS set, Sabrina theme decks (Just the package is fine), Broundbreakers Sabrina (does it even exist?)

Miscellaneous Others:


POP Promo #13, Kathryn's Surskit (Japanese movie promo), Audrey's Masquerain (Japanese movie promo), Plasma Blast Masquerain, Surskit dex figure (I also want Masquerain, it must exist, but I have never found photographic proof, so...), Zukan, CLEAR Surskit kid figure, and Pokémon Center charms (again, no pictures to be found, but they must exist)


Plasma Blast Leavanny (English please), Pokémon Center charms, Swadloon kids figure, 10" Sewaddle plush, My Pokémon Collection Swadloon and Leavanny plush, and - if they exist - dex figures.


Venipede & Whirlipede My Pokémon Collection plush, Pokémon Center charms (all three), kids figures, Zukan figure


Plasma Blast (English please), BW Promo 40, Tomy Figure, Kids figure, MonColle Figure, Battle Figure, My Pokémon Collection plush, Pokémon Center charms


"Shivering" plush, My Pokémon Collection plush, Kids figure, PokémonCenter charms, Pokémon center phone strap


Scatterbug & Spewpa kids figures, Scatterbug plush, Scatterbug tomy, Pokémon Center gharm, Vivillon tomy MonColle

Random Other Pokémon Merch:

Chimecho windchime!, Spheal kid figure

Permanent Introduction Post

I'll be honest, I don't really use my Livejournal anymore. I only keep it around so that I can sell/trade/buy stuff on pkmncollectors. I moved to Tumblr around 2011 and haven't come back since. You can find me there.

Animazement 2011 Con Report

So funny story. I actually had my Animazement con report typed up and ready to post the day after the convention. My computer died and I stupidly didn't save it, and I haven't felt like re-typing it, so now here it is, two weeks out from the convention and no con report yet. xD So instead of a big, long, wordy con report here's an incredibly lazy bullet-style report:

Animazement 2011
Costumes worn: 3
Pictures taken: 60. Most of them were either Pokemon, my friends being crazy, or both. xD
Masquerade Awards won: 1
Times My Plush Tempura were squee'd over: too many to count

The Good:
-Artist's alley was pretty successful, considering we were only really open on Friday and Sunday
-Our skit (which we barely prepared for) got a judge's choice/honorable mention award!
-I actually got recognized wearing HGSS Sabrina
-Sooooo many picture requests when I wore Yuzuruha
-Scored random free VHS Slayers tapes
-Good finds in the Dealer's Room

The Bad:
-It seems like recently, every other Animazement there is some annoying, ugly con drama. :/
-We didn't have the AA table open on Saturday except for a while in the morning
-The masquerade felt...weird. It was well-run, but the awards felt "off" somehow...
-Most of the skits were terrible, and we could barely hear the ones that were actually good.
-Didn't feel like I was prepared enough for AA
-Lost my Pokewalker. D:

Overall the "goods" outweighed the "bads". I did enjoy the convention, and getting to do a skit again, regardless of the result, was really fun. :D

Here's our skit, which we spent all of one day on. Seriously. I came up with the skit idea on Thursday at work. We fine-tined it, got the script worked out, recorded the audio, shaved it down to under 2 minutes, mixed the audio and figured out blocking all in one night. And we got a judge's award for it. :D It's Pokemon (Black and White) in Wonderland, BTW.


So today's swarm on SoulSilver is Chanseys, right?

I'm looking for a Lucky Egg, so I take my trusty ninja thief Kecleon with me and proceed to steal from every wild Chansey I can find.

AND THEN, all of a sudden, I noticed one of the Chanseys was white and green instead of being pink and darker pink.



I named her Lucky!

She is the first legitimate shiny I've ever actually owned that wasn't a red Gyarados. The only other shiny I've ever found was a Bellsprout in a rom of FireRed, that got deleted years ago.

Okay, now back to your regularly-scheduled f-list

This post is about NaNuSewMo

NaNuSewMo - that stands for National Nuigurumi (stuffed toy) Sewing Month.

Basically, instead of writing a novel for NaNoWriMo this year, I'm going to try to make thirty plushies over the course of the month of November as my challenge this year. I've taken on a bunch of commissions this time and I have a few ideas of my own.

Will I succeed? What will I make? I'll be posting a master list here, and I'll try not to spam my f-list with the plushies day-to-day, but I make no promises.

Plushie List:

Clicking on each picture takes you to DeviantArt (if I've uploaded it yet) or just to a bigger picture.
ClickCollapse )


Here's a nice summary of my weekend, in picture form:


So AWA this year was...interesting to say the least. First time doing an Artist's Alley (I don't think NashiCon's really counts since I just sort of dump some stuff on a table and run around being all STAFFU~ instead of actually sitting at the table), so that was an experience. I really think the strict rules against fanart and the like hurt our chances of success, but whatever. Still sold some stuff, got some commissions so...I can't complain, right?

It was an interesting experience not trying to rush around and go to 500 events. Heck, I didn't even make it on time to all four of the things I said from the getgo that I wanted to go to at this con. I was also pretty exhausted for a lot of the con...nonstop work right before going to a convention will do that to you...

Anyway, without further ado, the con report!

Years I've Been to AWA: 3
Costumes Worn: 5
Pictures Taken: 95
Swag: Pokémon White, a bunch of Pokémon kids, Slayers Super Explosive Demon Story manga (one signed by Lisa Ortiz!), handmade Mijumaru plushie (is it still swag if I made it? xD)
Steps in Pokéwalker: 33,833 (not much walking to be done in Artist's Alley, unfortunately)
Favorite Costume: Gijinka Flygon again (what, it's such a fun costume to wear!)
Favorite Cosplayers: the trio of vin_faucon , al_icat  and cardcaptorkiki  as Izzy, Sora and Tai on Sunday.
Favorite Event/Panel/Etc: AMV Hell 5!
Con Plague?: Yes, unfortunately. =_=
Favorite Moment of the Con: *puts on Filia costume* *gets swarmed for pictures* D: "Wait, I still need to put half of the costume on!"
Kamen Riders spotted: only two but...damn were they cool!



Awa's dealer's room had copies of pokemon black and white for sale. I totally bought white and picked mijumaru as my starter!
Be warned: HUEG post of fangirling and spoilers and all other such nonsense ahead. Now that I've seen the whole thing, iiiiit's time to talk about Kamen Rider W! :D

Disclaimer: this is probably not my last post about W. I'm going to be rewatching it and flailing about it even the second time around. xD


So overall, it's been nearly a year of watching this awesome show, getting attached to the characters, speculating about what plot twists Toei was gonna throw at us, wondering how long the series was gonna end up being, fangirling with friends both irl and online, stalking Pixiv obsessively, waiting impatiently for TV-Nihon to just sub the damn next episode already before finding out about W-time, and writing lots and lots of fics. It's been a great fifty weeks! And now that it's over, I totally and completely recommend this series to anyone on my f-list who hasn't already watched it. Even if you don't like Kamen Rider/Live-action...especially if you don't, actually.
Wow. Double is over! I haven't watched the last episode yet (okay, not the whole episode. I took a tiny peek...I was curious!), but adsfksdfjksdf.

Expect a more coherent post from me when it's not 1:30 am and I've actually watched the damn episode completely (hopefully with subs!).

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