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Cards Want List

Welcome to my cards want list! First, a few things:

Cards don't have to be 100% mint. No big scratches or scuffing, though.

Even if a lot of the cards pictured are 1st edition, I don't necessarily need the 1st edition

Italics means I'm negotiating on a trade for the card, crossed out means I have the card in the mail

I'll take trades for almost anything in my sales post.

Okay, onto the cards! I have them separated out by Pokémon, but towards the bottom I have a section of cards that I want from older sets (Base set - Gym Challenge).


Nintendo Promo #32, Wizards Black Star promo #48, Skyridge, Majestic Dawn

Japanese promos; Legendary Treasures, Plasma Storm full art Articuno ex (holy grail!)

Topps Chrome card, Japanese cardass, American Artbox sticker (came out around the time of the first movie)


Legendary Collection, Fire Red/Leaf Green, Bugsy's Butterfree (Japan only), Topps Metapod


Legend Maker, Power Keepers, Secret Wonders, Rising Rivals

Dragon Frontiers Vibrava & Flygon; Furious Fists ; ex Dragon Vibrava

Wizards Black Star promo 25 Flygon, Gaia Volcano (whenever they come out in English)


Aquapolis Hoppip/Skiploom/Jumpluff, Japanese promo Hoppip


Pop Series 1 Surskit; Kathryn's Surskit, Audrey's Masquerain (7th movie)

Plasma Blast ; Tidal Storm (whenever it comes out in English)


Phantom Forces Sewaddle and Leavanny, Legendary Treasures Swadloon, Plasma Storm Leavanny


Black and White Whirlipede/Scolipede; Boundaries Crossed Scolipede

Emerging Powers Venipede/Whirlipede/Scolipede


Dark Explorers; Plasma Blast; BW Promo Volcarona


ex Dragon Swablu & Altaria; ex Deoxys; Dragon Frontiers Altaria ex

Emerald Swablu & Altaria ex; Power Keepers Swablu & Altaria

Great Encounters Altaria; Platinum Shiny Swablu; Dragons Exalted Altarias


Lillgant from Emerging Powers, Noble Victories, Boundaries Crossed, BW Promo #49

Misc Others:

Sabrina's Xatu, Sabrina's Espeon, Erika's Bellssom, Ancient Ruins

Older Cards:

Erika (holographic), Erika's Dragonair, Erika's Venusaur, Erika's Clefairy

Erika's Paras

Sabrina's Jynx, Sabrina's Gengar, Sabrina's Golduck, Sabrina's Gengar

Sabrina's Jynx

Base Set/Jungle/Fossil:

Electrode (base set), non holographic Snorlax

NON-holographic: Nidoqueen, Vileplume, Scyther; Holographic Aerodactyl

NON-holographic: Dragonite, Gengar, Hitmonlee, Lapras

Non-Holographic Muk

Trainers needed: Imposter Professor Oak, Item Finder, Pokémon Breeder, Scoop Up, Super Energy Removal, Defender, Energy Retrieval, Full Heal, Maintenance, Plus Power, Pokémon Flute, Pokédex, Revive, Super Potion, Energy Removal, Switch, Psychic Energy, Energy Search (Fossil)

Sales Posts Directory

8/17/2012: Now updated with Dragons Exalted cards! Also includes metal coins, a couple of figures, and plush!

8/17/2012: Currently running a special: commission a plushie I can make with fabrics I have on hand and you get a discount!

My Collection Blog

Wants Lists:
Pokémon TCG
Kids Figures/Finger Puppets
Non-Pokémon Wants
So, I have fabric. Lots, and lots, and lots of fabric, and I want it to go away. Thus, I'm offering DISCOUNTED COMMISSIONS! If you commission a plush from me that I can make entirely out of fabric that I already have in my possession, it will be severely discounted! The cost will only be for the time and effort I'll put into the plush, and not the materials I make it from.

General Rules:
Bag_Poké_Ball_SpritePaypal only!
Bag_Great_Ball_SpriteI prefer to do two payments: payment for the labor cost upfront, and shipping after the plush is made
Bag_Ultra_Ball_SpritePayment plans are a-okay as long as at least 1/3 of the cost is paid upfront
Bag_Master_Ball_SpriteYou can still order custom plush that have fabrics I don't already have, it will just be the full cost
Bag_Fast_Ball_SpriteYou can combine shipping with stuff from my sales post!
Bag_Moon_Ball_SpriteTrading is awesome. I'd love to work out an art trade or a trade for merchandise in exchange for a plush!
Bag_Premier_Ball_SpriteI can make more than just Pokémon! Any other animals/creatures/whatevers are more than welcome. :D
Bag_Poké_Ball_SpriteFor the time being I will not be making humanoid plush.
Bag_Cherish_Ball_SpriteConcerning shipping: I can give you a most likely correct guess, but I won't know an approximate shipping amount until the plush is finished.
Bag_Dream_Ball_SpriteAlso, I am not responsible for lost packages and the like. If you want tracking or insurance let me know, and I'll add it in to my calculations!

So can you make ___?
The answer is: maybe. I have a LOT of fabric, but I don't have every shade of every color! So it's best to just ask if I think I can make a plushie with what I have available. I'll go ahead and say that I have a lot of white and black fabrics (fur and fleece), blues, browns and greens, and less purples, pinks, reds, oranges and grays. 

What size can you make the plush?
The smallest size I can make a plush right now is 6" tall or wide. I can make a bigger plush, it will cost extra, and also depend on the fabric I have available.

How much will it cost?
I have two main fabrics I can work with - fleece and fur.

A basic 6" plush made of fleece will cost $30. Bigger will cost more, and if a plush will be extremely complicated - ie more than three colors, a bunch of appendages, etc - will also cost a little bit extra.

A 6" fur plush will cost $50, mainly because fur is much harder to work with than fleece. Again, bigger will cost more, and more complicated plush will also cost extra. HOWEVER! If you want a Joltik it will only cost $40, as I have a pattern pre-made for Joltiks.

Remember, though - if I don't have the fabric already, it will cost a bit extra as well. I have fleece in almost ever color, though, and many different colors of fur.

Please just ask me for a price quote! I don't bite, I promise. :D

How long until I have my plush?
This will depend on a lot of the same factors as the plush. After all, since I am not charging for materials here, in this case time literally equals money. Cheaper, easier plush will take less time and be in the mail sooner. Complex plush will take considerably longer. Also, for the latter half of September I will be less available to work on plushies in my spare time, and therefore any plush commissioned in early September or even late August will take longer than they normally would. I will frequently pester you with updates on your plush, though, if you wish!

Any examples of your work?
Here's what I can do with fleece:


For more examples, my DeviantArt gallery is chock full of examples of other plush I've made. :D

Cool, how can I buy a plush from you?
Comment to this post or PM me or somehow let me know that you are interested in commissioning me. Specifically, please say that you are committed to buying the plush! This will reserve you one of my available slots (see below). If you just post want to know if a plush is possible and how much it might cost, that does not guarantee you a slot!

Slots for November 2012:

1) atlantia_rai: Flareon plush
2) open
3) open

If I get a couple of really simple orders, I may add more slots. In contrast, if I get a really complicated commission right off the bat I may have to take away slots!

Remember: this is a limited time offer, from now until whenever I decide that my fabric levels are manageable again. These are not my normal prices!

And finally, please ask me if you have any questions!

Hello and Goodbye

Okay, so I'm not dead. But I'm really not using my Livejournal much any more. The last post I made was in August. I didn't even do a convention report for Anime Weekend Atlanta this year. I'm much more active on Tumblr than I ever was on LJ, because Tumblr just makes a bit more sense for me as a blog. I can spam random stuff and pictures there and not feel like I'm inconveniencing my followers, xD. In fact, that sort of behavior is kind of...encouraged? If that makes any sense.

So yeah. I'm not deleting my account, because there are still things that this LJ is useful to me for. I just won't be posting much if at all to this particular journal. It was a big part of my life for years, but I feel like now it's a chapter of my life that has come to a close. Feel free to un-friend me now if you like, and I won't be offended. ;3

And to everybody that was on my f-list and made my LJ experience awesome: thanks for all the memories!


Animazement 2011 Con Report

So funny story. I actually had my Animazement con report typed up and ready to post the day after the convention. My computer died and I stupidly didn't save it, and I haven't felt like re-typing it, so now here it is, two weeks out from the convention and no con report yet. xD So instead of a big, long, wordy con report here's an incredibly lazy bullet-style report:

Animazement 2011
Costumes worn: 3
Pictures taken: 60. Most of them were either Pokemon, my friends being crazy, or both. xD
Masquerade Awards won: 1
Times My Plush Tempura were squee'd over: too many to count

The Good:
-Artist's alley was pretty successful, considering we were only really open on Friday and Sunday
-Our skit (which we barely prepared for) got a judge's choice/honorable mention award!
-I actually got recognized wearing HGSS Sabrina
-Sooooo many picture requests when I wore Yuzuruha
-Scored random free VHS Slayers tapes
-Good finds in the Dealer's Room

The Bad:
-It seems like recently, every other Animazement there is some annoying, ugly con drama. :/
-We didn't have the AA table open on Saturday except for a while in the morning
-The masquerade felt...weird. It was well-run, but the awards felt "off" somehow...
-Most of the skits were terrible, and we could barely hear the ones that were actually good.
-Didn't feel like I was prepared enough for AA
-Lost my Pokewalker. D:

Overall the "goods" outweighed the "bads". I did enjoy the convention, and getting to do a skit again, regardless of the result, was really fun. :D

Here's our skit, which we spent all of one day on. Seriously. I came up with the skit idea on Thursday at work. We fine-tined it, got the script worked out, recorded the audio, shaved it down to under 2 minutes, mixed the audio and figured out blocking all in one night. And we got a judge's award for it. :D It's Pokemon (Black and White) in Wonderland, BTW.


So today's swarm on SoulSilver is Chanseys, right?

I'm looking for a Lucky Egg, so I take my trusty ninja thief Kecleon with me and proceed to steal from every wild Chansey I can find.

AND THEN, all of a sudden, I noticed one of the Chanseys was white and green instead of being pink and darker pink.



I named her Lucky!

She is the first legitimate shiny I've ever actually owned that wasn't a red Gyarados. The only other shiny I've ever found was a Bellsprout in a rom of FireRed, that got deleted years ago.

Okay, now back to your regularly-scheduled f-list

This post is about NaNuSewMo

NaNuSewMo - that stands for National Nuigurumi (stuffed toy) Sewing Month.

Basically, instead of writing a novel for NaNoWriMo this year, I'm going to try to make thirty plushies over the course of the month of November as my challenge this year. I've taken on a bunch of commissions this time and I have a few ideas of my own.

Will I succeed? What will I make? I'll be posting a master list here, and I'll try not to spam my f-list with the plushies day-to-day, but I make no promises.

Plushie List:

Clicking on each picture takes you to DeviantArt (if I've uploaded it yet) or just to a bigger picture.
ClickCollapse )


Here's a nice summary of my weekend, in picture form:


So AWA this year was...interesting to say the least. First time doing an Artist's Alley (I don't think NashiCon's really counts since I just sort of dump some stuff on a table and run around being all STAFFU~ instead of actually sitting at the table), so that was an experience. I really think the strict rules against fanart and the like hurt our chances of success, but whatever. Still sold some stuff, got some commissions so...I can't complain, right?

It was an interesting experience not trying to rush around and go to 500 events. Heck, I didn't even make it on time to all four of the things I said from the getgo that I wanted to go to at this con. I was also pretty exhausted for a lot of the con...nonstop work right before going to a convention will do that to you...

Anyway, without further ado, the con report!

Years I've Been to AWA: 3
Costumes Worn: 5
Pictures Taken: 95
Swag: Pokémon White, a bunch of Pokémon kids, Slayers Super Explosive Demon Story manga (one signed by Lisa Ortiz!), handmade Mijumaru plushie (is it still swag if I made it? xD)
Steps in Pokéwalker: 33,833 (not much walking to be done in Artist's Alley, unfortunately)
Favorite Costume: Gijinka Flygon again (what, it's such a fun costume to wear!)
Favorite Cosplayers: the trio of vin_faucon , al_icat  and cardcaptorkiki  as Izzy, Sora and Tai on Sunday.
Favorite Event/Panel/Etc: AMV Hell 5!
Con Plague?: Yes, unfortunately. =_=
Favorite Moment of the Con: *puts on Filia costume* *gets swarmed for pictures* D: "Wait, I still need to put half of the costume on!"
Kamen Riders spotted: only two but...damn were they cool!



Awa's dealer's room had copies of pokemon black and white for sale. I totally bought white and picked mijumaru as my starter!

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